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Rupee joins elite currency club

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written and recorded for Bridging the Gap by Nek Puri, May 25, 2011

Nek Puri (XI) talks about his first encounter with the rupee symbol, the story of its origin, and why he is not its #1 fan.



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written and recorded for Bridging the Gap by Siddhi Ganesh, May 30, 2011

Siddhi tells the story of her dog Honey, how they met and the struggle she went through when it was time to travel to the United States and she was reluctantly forced to leave Honey in the care of her father.  This is a touching story of the affection we develop for our pets and what happens to that affection when tragedy strikes.


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written and recorded for Bridging the Gap by Ankita Rao, June 2, 2011

“Has anyone felt angry when the autorickshaw driver just says ‘no’ and does not allow you to get into the auto only because your destination is not the place he wants to go?”  This is the question Ankita (14, X) poses in her piece about these iconic vehicles.  Ankita describes the frustration her and her schoolmates experience when they cannot find an auto to take them to school in the mornings and how they feel powerless to improve the situation.


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written and recorded for Bridging the Gap by Manjiri Bhate, June 9, 2011

Manjiri discusses the importance of conserving energy.  First she looks at consumption in her own home and then uses her home as a microcosm for the entire city of Mumbai: if everyone leaves their lights on when not in use, how much power is being wasted?  Manjiri reminds the youth that it is their responsibility to act responsibly, as they are the future.

[BTG SERIES] Corruption

Corruption has always been a sore topic in Indian society, much less politics.  However, Anna Hazare’s recent crusade against corruption and for the drafting and passage of the Jan Lokpal Bill has made corruption an even hotter topic.  Mr. Hazare generated a spontaneous and enormous following and the modern advents of social media and India’s increasing levels of interconnectedness mean that the modern fight against corruption is adopting a new identity.

In this series, we hear the youth perspective on the India’s plight of graft.


Part I: Corruption in India (1)

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written and recorded for Bridging the Gap by Sonali Suvarna, June 15, 2011

“The average Indian has reached the highest level of disgust and disappointment at the way things are moving in this country.” Sonali gives an excellent introduction to our series on corruption, describing how it has creeped into all levels of society.  She calls on the younger generation to fight corruption and says that in addition to other ethics, children must be taught to fight corruption and unfair practices.

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On Bridging The Gap, Dabba Radio’s youth correspondents bring us media from the perspective of young India.  The show is written, hosted, and produced by youth on topics chosen by youth members of Bridging The Gap.

On this first episode, Taneesha Iyangar hosts and brings us a few quick headlines followed by a feature on the vampire craze produced by Anna Abraham.  The show finishes with a dual interview of the founder of Teach for India, Shaheen Mistry, and former BMC Additional Commissioner, Ashish Kumar Singh by BTG reporters Siddhi Ganesh and Nek Puri.

This inaugural episode of Bridging The Gap truly showcases the talents of our youth.  “Mind the Gap.”